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7 Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas
Look back into the past and you will realize how Cabo San Lucas has evolved with time. Once a mere fishing spot is now on the top chart of tourists and spring breakers. The thriving city of Cabo offers stunning coastal views, old world charm, as well as vibrant nightlife to cherish.
Out of all what makes it the first choice of luxury lovers is the resort like Casa Fryzer. If there is luxury away from home, then it is at the Casa Fryzer. The home sits atop the mountain amidst the cloudy sky, giving a lifetime experience to the visitors. The breathtaking view from this residential Cabo San Lucas luxury home sources you a lifetime memory.

Being at Cabo San Lucas, you won't realize how time flows. Breaking all the barriers, this famous tourist spot gives an unparalleled experience to the tourists. So, when in Cabo, here are the 10 things that you can't avoid trying once:

Chase the Whales
October to March is counted as the annual migration time of Gray Whales. Thousands of magnificent creatures dwell to the shallow lagoons around the Baja Peninsula. An estimated 10,000 whales migrate to the south breeding grounds of Magdalena Bay and Sea of Cortes. You can easily spot the gray and humpback whales over here. And, if you are a bit lucky, chances are high even for blue, sperm, fin, and pilot whales. The great thing is you don't have to book a tour to observe them as they can be spied on from the beaches only.
Dive Deep in the Sea of Cortes
As said above, Cabo San Lucas was initially a famous fishing spot. In the later days, it was transformed into big-game sports fishing. If you want to set your adrenaline on rush, join Spearfishing Baja. With the expert assistance of the sea divers, the city dwellers are going to seek the thrills of an abundant marine ecosystems. Diving as deep as 130 feet beneath the Sea of Cortes is a life time opportunity. Given all sorts of advantages, like the top-notch fish finding equipment, a protective crew, and real time video capturing facilities, you can experience a different world of the marine waters.
Stay at the Casa Fryzer
Whether you are looking for a foodie's vacation or the hunt of water locations, Casa Fryzer is just the place to be at. Hanging amidst the blue sky and above the green sea, this exotic villa will give you the real taste of luxury. Staying at the villa you will find the entire San Jose Bay at your feet. Adding to the charm of the place resides the infinity pool. Chill out there with your favorite glass of wine or enjoy the exotic lighting that shows up during the night. Inside this Cabo San Lucas Luxury Villas, you will get master bedrooms to chill at and it even has private Zaccuzis to distress at. If you want to experience a living up to the best, look no further than Casa Fryzer.
Rock and Roll at the Cabo Wabo
Being at Cabo San Lucas, you cannot miss enjoying the Cabo Wabo Parties. A complete treat for your holidays, this massive complex holds Giant bars and some great music to shake your feet on. This is a great place for celebrity sighting as they are often seen partying at the place. Track your favorite music, order a drink to fit in the mood and enjoy the evening in ecstasy.
Visit the El Acro
El Acro is one of the most adorable landmarks a place can have, this is marked at the end of the Baja peninsula. At the time of Manila- Acapulco Trade, this was considered as the navigational aid for Spanish mariners. El Acro is the part of a formation called as the Three Friars that creates the southern tip Land's End. On one side, there is the Pacific Ocean and on the other hand it is the Sea of Cortez. The cruise ship can take you closer to these tombs. While you go looking for the majestic rocks and squints, do keep an eye for the sea lions and pelicans.
Take a Road Trip
Renting cars and a four wheeler can be done anywhere, but what about an exciting bike ride through the magnificent city of Cabo. If you are born in the wild-spirt, just do it when at Cabo. Visit Harley- Davidson Los Cabos and rent a motorcycle from there. You can easily get all the gears and the bike from the same place and that too under your budget. To pass the laws, you must be above 21 with a Mexican Driving License, and some real driving experience.
Spa at the Casa Fryzer
After witnessing the mysterious landscape and green beauty of the Cabo San Lucas, you will love to relax in calmness. Casa Fryzer is the best place to shed the day long fatigue. The infinity pool and Private Zaccuzi will let you relax just the day you want. You can conceivably drink, eat, and sleep in the water itself.

Pack your bags and spend a weekend in the exotic destination of mountains and green beaches. The Private Home Rental, Cabo Casa Fryzer will make sure your journey to San Lucas Caba is counted among the best periods of your life.


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